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This section provides a definition of the various roles we have for a product. Often a single person may be taking on multiple roles. Sometimes a single role will cover multiple people. We document them here, in alphabetical order, so that there is a shared terminology around roles.

These roles have been adapted from a wider Service Delivery proposal.

Content Designer

  • Develops content plans based on user needs.
  • Writes clear, usable and accessible content.
  • Advocates for users by challenging requests that don’t support user needs.

Delivery Manager

  • Sets up the agile management tooling.
  • Tracks dependencies from 'external' teams to remove obstacles and/or blockers.
  • Maintains the product backlog.


  • Writes, adapts, maintains and supports code.
  • Continually improves the service with new tools and techniques.
  • Solves technical problems and advise of the technical feasibility of designs.
  • Thinks about how applications will be run and maintained and running production systems.

Product Manager

  • Makes sure the service fits with UoC priorities.
  • Defines what the future goal ("product vision") of the service is.
  • Makes sure the service will meet user needs.
  • Comments on technical, content and design solutions.

Service Owner

  • Overall responsibility for developing, operating and continually improving the service.
  • Represents the service during service assessments.
  • Identifies and mitigates risk to the project.

Technical Lead

  • Leads the technical design.
  • Makes sure the technical work fits into the broader IT strategy for the University.
  • Plans and leads development on sets of stories.
  • Make sure that new and updated platforms, products, transactions and system architectures are robust, scalable, open and secure.