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Product/component hierarchy

Each product which we develop is usually composed of multiple components. For example, a web application may have a public repository containing the source for the application and a private deployment repository which contains scripts and configuration to deploy the web application on our infrastructure.

Repository naming

Name a new Github repository using the form {product}-{component}. For example, the web application for the Media Platform is at uisautomation/media-webapp.

Filesystem layout

Divide your repositories into a {product}/{component} hierarchy. Single-repo products should be cloned into a separate devops directory. For example, if you store your cloned repositories in the ~/repos directory and are working on the IAR, Media Platform, this guidebook and our boilerplate application, your repositories will be cloned as follows:

├── devops
│   ├── django-boilerplate
│   └── guidebook
├── iar
│   ├── backend
│   ├── deploy
│   └── frontend
└── media
    ├── deploy
    └── webapp