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About this guidebook

This guidebook documents what we as a team in DevOps aspire to be, what we currently do and practices we currently find to be helpful.

It is not intended as a prescriptive document but rather to be descriptive of the general way we do things. If the way we do things and the book disagree, it is the book which is usually at fault.

Updating the guide

Anyone may propose an edit to the guide by opening a pull request. When doing so, please try to keep the "voice" of the guide consistent.

There are two audiences for the book:

  1. New starters. These are people new to the team who are interested in how we work and how to get starting developing our products. This guide should help them discover how our products are structured in general and how we do work day-to-day.

  2. Existing team members. These are people who have been in the team for a while but who would like a reference for best practice. It also provides a location to record new best practice as it is discovered/evolved.